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What Men Should Know About Women.

 We women can be perfectly decent and ladylike. But there are times that we too are kind of primitive beasts who just want to walk around in your smelly shirts and baggy pants. In this post I am sharing a few things men should know about women.

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5X How To Be Happy On Your Period.

Girls, I know how sucky it can be when you are on your period. Getting stupid reactions from guys who really don’t understand how it is that we bleed half a week to a week and not die…. In this post I wanted to give you 5x how to be happy when on your period!

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5 Reasons why birth control pills are assholes.

There are a lot of times that I wonder why it is that only women have to go through all the hormonal birth control stuff all the time. I know science is working on e.g. birth control pills for men, but they’re all complaining about their slight moodswings. Oh and that there is no way …