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How To Deal With Your Menstrual Pain.

Some girls are sick for 5 to 7 days, others have no pain at all. In this post I wanted to share some of my own personal tips and tricks how to deal with your menstrual pain and cramps.

A hot water bottle does wonders for me. Just boil some water, throw it in the bottle and hold it firmly to your belly, lower back, etc.. It really does help with a lot of cramps and back pains. And if your bottle gets cold after a while, just fill the bad boy up again! It is like having a super hot boyfriend without having to go out on dates 😉 Sometimes a hot shower can help too, especially recommended when you don’t have a hot water bottle.

Another boyfriend is mister Chocolate. For me personally, it is not a boyfriend but an asshole because I recently found out I have a chocolate allergy >.< But for most girls and women, mister Chocolate is a kind sweet guy who gives into your guilty pleasure and comfort food.

If there actually is a mister Love in your life, do cuddle with him and explain to him if you are in pain. Maybe he can feed you chocolate, donuts, cheetos and all that good stuff and actually try to understand why you are such a bitch for a period of time every month. The real mister Love will understand!

Have some me time! Try to have fun while being on your period and bring some advils to break down most of your pains. I know, not everyone is such a huge pill-taker. I don’t like to take any pills either but sometimes it is the last option to reduce some of those cramps. Taking one little pill a month doesn’t kill you and could even make you a more pleasant person to other people for just a few hours 😉

And just one more thing. Celebrate being not pregnant! (Don’t do this is you are actually trying to get pregnant. If so, ignore this last tip!)

xo Miss Moodswing.

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