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5X How To Be Happy On Your Period.

Girls, I know how sucky it can be when you are on your period. Getting stupid reactions from guys who really don’t understand how it is that we bleed half a week to a week and not die…. In this post I wanted to give you 5x how to be happy when on your period!

Here we go:

#1. You can pig out a bit and eat all your comfort food without feeling guilty. Ofcourse don’t over eat just because you can, cause you will regret that later on when the scale tells you you really were a human piglet 😉 But don’t feel bad about ordering that dish with some fries, or getting that delish burger. Enjoy it to the max!

#2. Bingewatch your favourite Netflix shows and movies. Invite some friends (who might be on their periods aswell) and have a fun girl day or night.

#3. Have some me-time by yourself. Especially when you don’t feel like being around other humans, go slather that facial mask and handcream on like it’s your last day on earth. Paint those nails in a cute colour and add some mascara to your lashes just for fun. It is the best thing ever to feel good about yourself and to make yourself look and feel pretty, even more so if you are doing it for yourself!

#4. Go shopping! It is always a great idea to go to the mall and shop a bit. I wouldn’t recommend trying on a bunch of jeans or skirts, but go shopping for shoes, make-up and home deco stuff. And the fresh air you will get from being out of the house will really make you feel a lot better.

#5. Getting your period is the only kind of blood flow there is without any war, negativity or pain inflicted to others. I know your period can really hurt you, but it is all temporary and some painkillers and hot water bottles can really help you with that. Getting your period means you are a perfectly functioning woman, and you sure as hell should feel awesome about that!

I know there are a lot of girls and women suffering from their periods. Only wanting to hide and stay inside. Not let their spouses see them in any sexy form whatsoever during the time aunty flow comes in and says hi. I am one of those myself from time to time. But let’s try to be happy about it. Your body works, you are aloud to eat those extra fries and chocolate and you have a great reason to go and buy some new polishes/shoes/cosy blankets. Go outside and show yourself, especially when you look that damn gorgeous after all the me-time facial masks 😉

xo Miss Moodswing

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