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5 Reasons why birth control pills are assholes.

There are a lot of times that I wonder why it is that only women have to go through all the hormonal birth control stuff all the time. I know science is working on e.g. birth control pills for men, but they’re all complaining about their slight moodswings. Oh and that there is no way they will make men go through that just to don’t get their girlfriends pregnant. While us women, we are just going on with our lives and dealing with all that crap all the time. And no one seems to care about that.

In this first official column I wanted to share my top 5 of reasons why birth control pills are the biggest assholes in the world.

1. Even if our lives weren’t busy scheduled enough, we have to make sure we take these little bastards everyday on time. Hello extra reminder apps on your phone, extra agenda items and carrying that strip off pills around with you when you’re dealing with life.

2. Pills can screw up your baby soft skin. Even when it is one which is supposed to help with acne problems. Been there, done that.. BIG TIME.

3. Let’s talk about my blog name for a second. Miss Moodswing. Rings any bells?

4. Because having acne problems isn’t enough, it also adds pounds to your weight if you are (un)lucky enough. Okay, in some cases it is good to gain some pounds, add some great boobs and butt… But no thank you for all that extra weight you really didn’t need at all.

5. Say goodbye to your sexdrive. After being on these little assholes for a while you will notice your libido going way down.. even lower than you’d expected. You already feel like shit about yourself about a week or 1,5 of the month (signs of PMS, slight depression and simply bitching around while searching for comfort foods such as chocolade, mac and cheese and so on..), it doesn’t really help with being the confident sexy vixen you used to be.

These 5 points might not be relateble to all girls and women. Be really happy if this list doesn’t scream your name, because lots of gorgeous ladies do suffer from hormonal birth control pills and have tried about all of them out there. Anyways, my search for a better option continues.

x0 Miss Moodswing

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19 Comments on “5 Reasons why birth control pills are assholes.

  1. Don’t forget bloodpressure: after 18 years, i had to quit taking the pill, because i had high bloodpressure. (After not even having a period for 3 yrs, because after so many years your lining is superthin). And there’s research that explains how it changes your brain.

  2. Ik ben blij dat ik van de pil af ben. Niet dat ik er moeite mee had om het in te nemen, of dat ik het vergat ofzo. Maar voor mijn gezondheid/lichaam ben ik blij dat ik ze kan laten staan.

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