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Why Birth Control Pills Are Assholes – Part 2.

Since last summer when I wrote my first ever column for MissMoodswing, I talked about 5 reasons why birth control pills are assholes. Today it is about time to post part 2 of this series.

First up let’s talk about the high bloodpressure most birth control pills give you when you use it for a longer period of time. Since I am already a super jumpy and stressed out person, an even higher bloodpressure is the last thing you want in life.

Then there are all the little pains you can experience while using “the pill” of all pills. Sore boobs are almost daily business, aswell as headaches and PMS’ing. Sometimes I feel more sorry for my husband than I am for myself and all the pains I have to go through, just to not get knocked up and knowing when my period starts.

It will take couple of months or up to a year before your own cycle comes back to life again after quitting birth control pills. Oh and let’s not forget the changes in your skin afterwards: Hello huge face demons, welcome back.. Would you like a cup of tea while you are here to stay for the next years?

While at it, birth control pills makes women go insane. One minute you are fine, but within a couple of seconds you can be a depressed little potatoe. Especially when you are already prone to depression because of your DNA, birth control pills don’t want to cooperate with that either.

The thing is: For some people it will work wonders and they won’t experience any issues. For a shitload of girls and women it really sucks to be on birth control pills. Quit if you feel like it, you only have one life and body so you better feel the best in it while at it!

xo Miss Moodswing


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