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What Men Should Know About Women.

 We women can be perfectly decent and ladylike. But there are times that we too are kind of primitive beasts who just want to walk around in your smelly shirts and baggy pants. In this post I am sharing a few things men should know about women.

First of all, we can be pretty disgusting. E.g. not washing our bras for weeks because we all know that when we wash them they never fit the same ever again. We like men to be a tad jealous when we talk to other men, or when they notice other guys looking at us. There are times that we try to not wash our hair for a week (or even longer if we can still get away with wearing out hair in a sloppy top bun). But on the other hand we like to look good, especially for ourselves butg it is always fun to grab some extra attention from other people while we’re at it.

While living together with a woman, get used to the fact that we will steal everything from you, all out of love. We will use your razors, tshirts, pants, hell we will even use your boxers if we run out of our own panties on laundry day. We will steal your food and will even try to make you get us some more on specific times of the month. We care for you so that is why we want to epilate your eyebrows and pop your zits. It’s a primitive monkey thing so don’t even ask why we like to do it. It is in our system.

I could make this list go on forever. But I guess you get the point 😉

xo Miss Moodswing

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