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3 Weird Period Products.

Since we were already talking about period stuff and birthcontrol pills last week, let’s go on discussing 3 weird period items I ran into online. And I am still trying to figure out who came up with some of these ideas. Probably men…..


First up something which seems to get more normal and accepted by lots of women these last few years: The Menstrual Cup. They say that you can save up a lot of money when you use one of these. I actually didn’t try it out yet myself, but I do know some lovely ladies who actually tried it and don’t want any tampons or pads around anymore at all. Why I haven’t tried it out myself you ask? Because I have no clue whatsoever which one I am supposed to get. There are different types, brands and ways to figure out which one should be a good size for your little peach but I really don’t know which one to get. Also, I wonder if it is comfy enough and if you can get it in easily on different days of your period. Maybe I am just a little scared of the idea of having a random plastic cup inside of me, but on the other hand: it can’t really get lost inside I guess….

Now for a much more different period item: Period panties. A type of panty in which you can just bleed around for half a day/a whole day and they are supposed to prevent leakage and all that jazz. The panties come in different shapes (hiphuggers, thongs and some tighter sports ones) and an even more different price range. You don’t have to use any tampons or pads anymore because the panties are made to catch your blood and keep everything in. Reminds me of some kind or diaper..? I’m not sure if I am a fan or not because it’s kind of like wearing a pad but somewhat thinner because it is built in. And I don’t really feel like walking around 12 hours in the same bloody mess. Or you’d have to bring a few panties with you a day just to feel more fresh down there. What do you think about these period panties?

Talking about fashion, I also found perdiod leggings. Like, complete full on (black) leggings (with a thicker kind of built in pad just like the period panties) you can just throw in with the rest of your laundry after the day is over. I have read some articles about these and I couldn’t really think of any reason why I would wear a pair of pediod leggings. They accentuat the peach-area if you know what I mean, and I would feel like wanting to cover it all up the entire time. Wear a longer dress or some shirt around the waist just to hide how bulky that specific area is. And I am not sure about how long I would still feel comfy (and fresh) in period leggings, especially when it is hot AF outside in summer.

To some girls/women these 3 *kind of weird* period products might work amazingly well. I’m just not so sure about the fashion items but am actually pretty intrigued by the menstrual cups and willing to try them out once I (finally) figure out which one works best for me.

xo Miss Moodswing

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